Concert serie

FIPMA 2019 Piano Concert Serie will take place every evening from July 16 to 20, starting at 8:30 p.m. Details and venues will be announced shortly.

July 16th - Opening concert



* Pianist and program to determinate.


Venue: Finca El Portón, Avenida Juan Carlos I s/m, 29130 - Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga).



The Finca "El Portón", located on Calle Juan Carlos I, is the current headquarters of the Department of Culture and Education of City Council of Alhaurín de la Torre. To be mentioned, "El Portón" was declared the best urban garden in the Province of Malaga in 2000 and has several hundred-year-old botanical specimens.

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Further information at Location.

July 20th - Close concert



Complete information and venue will be announced shortly.

Ayuntamiento de Alhaurín
de la Torre (Málaga)

malaga international piano festival