DEL 14 AL 21 DE JULIO DE 2023

Active students application

There are two modalities:


Application A - The total fee as an active student is 680 euros (4 lessons of 60 minutes each). Students can request any professor within the faculty.


Application B - The total fee as an active student is 550 euros (4 lessons of 45 minutes each). Students may request the following professors from the faculty: Nam Yeung, Tina Shao ,Juan lago, Daniel Ábalos and Belén Navarro, having the option to request, if you wish, only one of the 4 lessons with the following professors: Jerome Rose, Dina Parakhina and Fabio Bidini, in this case the lesson would last 30 minutes.


If registration is submitted before March 15th, a discount of 30 euro will be applied. Active students who attended the previous editions of FIPMA will have a discount of 50 euro (not applicable to students of C.P.M "Manuel Carra" as they have another discount).


Students who wish to add an extra class with our faculty must request it in the observations of the application,  and if there is availability, this class will be added to their schedule.
They can also request an extra class after having registered, by writing an email to the organization.
The price of this extra class will be 100 euro (45 minutes) and 125 euro (1 hour).

Students interested in participating must duly fill out the on-line application form and wire 200 euro as a seat booking fee (free of charge for the beneficiary).

Recipient - Asociación Pianística de Málaga
Account number: ES6714910001213000109765
Tridos Bank. Calle Córdoba 9. 29001 Málaga.
Swift code -  TRIOESMMXXX

Application deadline : june 1st

Your participation will not be effective until you receive the acceptance communication from the organization. In case of not being accepted, the organization will refund the seat booking fee. This fee will be part of the total fee that each student will formalize during the first day of the festival.

In the event of cancellation by the participant, the seat booking fee will not be refunded.

Auditor students application

Interested auditor students must submit the duly completed online registration form and wire 140 euro as a seat booking fee (free of charge for the beneficiary).

Recipient - Asociación Pianística de Málaga
Account numnber: ES6714910001213000109765
Triodos Bank. Calle Córdoba 9. 29001 Málaga.
Swift code - TRIOESMMXXX

C.P.M “Manuel Carra” students

For active FIPMA'23 students who are currently enrolled at the "Manuel Carra" Professional Music Conservatory in Malaga, a 70-euro discount for tuition will be applied.


Auditor students from the "Manuel Carra" Conservatory will be charged 50 % discount.


General conditions

  • Active students will receive 4 lessons of 45 minutes or 4 lessons of 1 hour each, according to registration, from different professors that they will request in their application. The organization, as much as possible, will try to accommodate their preferences. It will be taken into account the level shown in the videos presented in their application and the existing demand for each professor. In addition, they will have the opportunity to observe all the master classes of the faculty during the festival, as well as active participation in workshops, student concerts and conferences.


  • All active students will have the opportunity to participate in at least one of the student concerts. The program they will perform in the concert will be proposed by the student and must be approved by the faculty. They must be ready to perform at least one piece between 5 and 10 minutes long.


  • The auditors can also attend all masterclasses and students concerts. But they can not receive lessons from the faculty or perform in the concerts.
  • All students will be able to attend all the concerts that are held during the festival.

Malaga Symphony Orchestra

The students enrolled in the festival will have the opportunity to perform as a soloist accompanied by the Malaga symphony orchestra. To participate in the selection process they must pay the amount of 30 euros the first day during the check-in. A selection will be made by the faculty in order to determine the students who will perform with the orchestra.

Up to a maximum of nine soloists will be chosen based on the level exhibited by each candidate and the number of applications.

Each candidate may perform one movement from a concerto for piano and orchestra.