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Born in Málaga, in 1973, Mr Abalos began his musical training at the age of nine, always obtaining the highest grades. In 1984 he won the First Prize at the "Marisa Montiel" National Piano Competition (Linares, Spain), also getting the “Musicality trophy” (children's level).

He finished his elementary music school studies being awarded with the Honor Prize, under the tutelage of Mrs. Julia Casquero. In January 1990 he won the First Prize at the "Gregorio Baudot" National Piano Competition in Ferrol (La Coruña, Spain).

In May 1991, she obtained the Third Prize at  "Marisa Montiel" National Piano Competition, (Youth Level).

In 1992 he won the First Prize (for solo piano) at Muestra de Jóvenes Intérpretes (Málaga Young Performers Contest); for this reason he made his début at Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, Spain).

He ended his Piano Intermediate Grade being awarded with Honorary Mention, as student of professor Mr. Horacio Socías (Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga). He also obtained Intermediate Grade Honor Prize at Chamber Music Department.

In 1993, he won the Second Prize at Muestra de Jóvenes Intérpretes (Málaga Young Performers Contest). This year, he also got Honorary Mention at “Albacete Piano National Competition” (organized by Jeunesses Musicales of Albacete, Spain).

In 1994, he got the First Prize at Málaga Young Performers - High Level, this time competing against other instrumentalists. For this reason he took part in the recording of a CD, and offered a Concert at Teatro Cervantes in Málaga.

He has attended Piano Workshops with Professors Giovanni Carmassi, Greorgy Sándor, Manuel Carra, Guillermo González, Ana Guijarro, Leonel Morales, Pilar Bilbao, Almudena Cano, and others.

In 1993-94 academic year, he graduated at Conservatory of Music of Málaga, getting his Piano Degree with Honorary Mention, being his teacher Mr. José Felipe Díaz Álvarez-Estrada.

He has been a finalist at the National Competitions of Granada, Melilla, Carlet (Valencia) and Albacete; being awarded with the Fourth Prize at Albacete last two editions. He has performed in a Young Talents Series organized by Jeunesses Musicales of Seville.

He obtained the Third Prize at the National Piano Competition City of Albacete.
He has completed his studies along two years in Seville, with Mrs. Pilar Bilbao, Professor and Concert Pianist.

He has collaborated with the Opera Choir of Málaga as Master Repetiteur. He has also been a jury member at different national and international piano competitions.

He has also been invited as a professor in several piano workshops and festivals. He has performed as a concerto soloist with some orchestras, under the direction of conductors such as Octav Calleya, Dorian Wilson, Francisco de Gálvez, Juan Baeza, Maria del Mar Muñoz, Alberto Navarrete, etc. always playing successfully.

He is President of the Malaga Piano Association and General Director of the Malaga International Piano Festival (FIPMA).

He is currently a Piano Teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Music "Manuel Carra" in Malaga.