DEL 20 AL 27 DE JULIO DE 2022

                 EDITH FISCHER (CHILE)

Edith Fischer was born in Santiago de Chile into a family of well-known musicians. As a child prodigy, her numerous performances in recitals and chamber music culminated at the age of twelve playing Mozart's KV453 concerto with the Chilean Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the famous maestro Hermann Scherchen.


Two years he studied with Claudio Arrau in New York, then he settled in Switzerland where he had a brilliant career and from where he deployed his talent to Europe, performing as a soloist with the most important orchestras of the Old Continent, as well as orchestral groups from India, Japan and Israel and developed a solid work in teaching as teacher of new generations of pianists spreading the legacy of Arrau.


In 1989, together with her husband Jorge Pepi Alós, pianist and composer, she created the festival "Semaine Internationale de piano de Blonay-St.-Légier" in Switzerland and the "Cours international" which takes place simultaneously.


Since 2007 she has been based in Chile, from where she travels regularly to offer concerts and masterclasses.