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Elena Santamaría Godoy is native of Málaga, Andalucía-Spain. She is a graduate of the
Málaga Superior Conservatory of Music on the degrees of Piano and Chamber Music,
as well as graduate of the Granada Superior Conservatory on the major of Musical
Ms.Santamaría was born in 1974 and has been playing the piano since she was nine
years old. Since 1998, she is member of the piano teacher’s board at the Professional
Conservatory ‘Manuel Carra’ in Málaga. Elena Santamaría, during the teaching exams
in 2002, obtained the number one calcification in all Andalucía, competing with more
than a hundred of other pianists.
She has been prized in several Piano Competitions as, 1st prize in the ADE Piano
Competition in Málaga-Spain, 2nd price at the Gregorio Baudot Piano Competition in
Ferrol-Spain, 3dr prize at the Muestra de Jóvenes Intérpretes de Málaga, and Finalist at
the Albacete Piano Competition in Spain.
Elena Santamaría studied with several piano teachers as Julia Casquero, Horacio
Socías, Javier Herreros, and Luca Chiantore.
Nowadays she is combining her teaching work at the Conservatory with Soloist and
Chamber Music concerts.
Since 2008 Ms. Santamaría has a piano duo with the pianist Daniel Ábalos.
She is frequently invited to teach for summer courses in Melilla and Alhaurín de la
Torre, both in Spain.
Elena is part of the organizers board at Malaga International Piano Festival.