Piano Competition



The FIPMA Piano Competition is open to all FIPMA participants and will consist of three categories:



• A) up to 30 year old on 18 July 2019.

• B) up to 18 year old on 18 July 2019.

• C) up to 12 year old on 18 July 2019.



The competition consists of only one round and all participants will perform a free repertoire. The performance length of each category will be:



• A) 15 minutes.

• B) 10 minutes.

• C) 5 minutes.



The jury could limit the time established for each category due to organizational reasons.


July 18th, 2019.


The jury will be composed of relevant personalities from the music scene.



There will be only one First Absolute Prize consisting in a cash award for the pianist obtaining the highest score in each category. In addition, several first, second and third prizes consisting in an acredited diploma may be awarded.


The cash prizes will be the following:


First Absolute Prize CATEGORY A: 400 euro.

First Absolute Prize CATEGORY B: 200 euro - Sponsored by VIAJES SALITRE.

First Absolute Prize CATEGORY C: 100 euro - Sponsored by TRIARTE.



FIPMA students interested in taking part of the competition must pay € 30 as registration fee, in addition they should make a mark in the specific space while sending their application form.

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