DEL 16 AL 21 DE JULIO DE 2021





The FIPMA'21 Piano Competition is open to all active festival participants and will consist of three categories:


A) From 18 years old on.
B) Up to 17 years old, inclusive, until July 21, 2021.
C) Up to 13 years old, inclusive until July 21, 2021.

The contest will consist of a semifinal and a final rounds where the participants will perform a free choice repertoire. The time limit for each participant in each category will be:


A) 10 minutes semifinal / 20 minutes final
B) 8 minutes semifinal / 16 minutes final
C) 4 minutes semifinal / 8 minutes final

The semifinal round will be on July 18 and the final round on July 21 at the Closing Act of the festival.

The jury will decide the contestants who will pass to the final. There will be a maximum of three finalists per category.

The jury may limit the performnace lengh established for each category due to organizational reasons.

There will be as many third, second or first prizes as determined by the jury. All of them will receive an accrediting diploma. Only the First Absolute Prize in each category (the contestant with the highest score) will receive a cash prize.


  • 1st Absolute Prize Category A - 400 euro and diploma, sponsored by Inmobiliaria Unicasa.
  • 1st Absolute Prize Category B - 200 euro and diploma, sponsored by Gewa Music.
  • 1st Absolute Prize Category C - 100 euro and diploma, sponsored by Centro de Osteopatía y Pilates Axis


In addition, the jury will award two Special Prizes to two pianists from Malaga. These awards, sponsored by the Foundacion Musical de Malaga, are endowed with two scholarships of 250 euro each.

The scope of action of the Musical Foundation of Malaga is primarily the City of Malaga, exceptionally extensible to its province.

Applicants who wish to qualify for this award must meet one of the following requirements:
1.- To have been born in Malaga or its province.
2.- Currently studying, or having studied music at a music center or conservatory in Malaga and its province.
* Applicants must provide the D.N.I. or certificate from the center where they have completed their musical studies in Malaga.